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  • Detailed CV with contact details of three recent referees
  • Certified copies of qualifications, driver’s licence and Identity Document

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View tutors in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and more. Select the tutor(s) you are interested in and then contact them directly.

Hatfield Pretoria

NameBrian Sifiso MsimangoCity Pretoria / Centurion
Subjectsmaths, physics and geography
Tuks male student looking to help shape south africa
Contact(M.)  0727254056  (T.)  0782480254  (E.)  BS.Msimango@tuks.co.za 

Pure Mathematics

NameEddieCity Johannesburg
SubjectsPure Mathematics
Kindly contact Eddie for all Pure Maths private lessons
Contact(M.)  0610474689  (T.)  0610474689  (E.)  eddie1241ed@mail.com 

Mathematics and Science Tutor

NameBrianCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMathematics,Science and English
I offer home tutoring service for Mathematics,Science and English from Grades 2 to 12
Contact(M.)  0732499040  (T.)   -    (E.)  muteyajohn@yahoo.com 

Durban Maths And Sciences Tutor

NameNatty City Durban
SubjectsMathematics, Physics and Life Sciences
I'm the best in the field of Mathematics and Sciences....kindly contact me for more info.
Contact(M.)  0780300159  (T.)  0780300159  (E.)  Shineinexcellence@gmail.com 

Programming Tutor

NameCity Pretoria / Centurion
Subjectsprogramming tutor(C#,visual basic,HTML,c++), database design (Microsoft SQL)
I am a qualified software developer with a Bsc. Computer science and informatics degree. I tutor the following programming languages for students from grade 10 to 2nd year university level. C++. Web development. (HTML,CSS). C#. Visual basic. SQl(using Microsoft SQL server).
Contact(M.)  0818608324  (T.)   -    (E.)  Drhlulanic@gmail.com 

Mathematics Tutor

NameLifaCity Pretoria / Centurion
I am a first year pilot student. I offer mathematics tutoring for students around Pretoria CBD and Pretoria north
Contact(M.)  0749308076  (T.)   -    (E.)  lifatreasure79@gmail.com 

Maths, Physics and Chemistry tutor)

NameSabeloCity Johannesburg
Student at University of Witwatersrand, Graduated in Bsc(Chemistry and Material Science), currently studying BscEng (Metallurgy and Material Science).I totur at places near Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
Contact(M.)  0786516315  (T.)   -    (E.)  sabelonhla@gmail.com 

Qualified teacher

NameOckert CorneliusCity Midrand
SubjectsMath, Life science, phys Science, Business Science
Contact(M.)  0813197411  (T.)   -    (E.)  biacor.ope@gmail.com 

Experienced Tutor and engineering student

NameDanielleCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsPhysical Science, Mathematics, Afrikaans, English
I'm a fourth year chemical engineering student with 4 years of successful tutoring experience. My approach is unique in the sense that I help students find their own way of understanding a concept rather than parrot learning.
Contact(M.)  0847350273  (T.)   -    (E.)  danielle.reddy@hotmail.com 

Private Tutor in Johannesburg Area

NameAshu Abraham AshuCity Johannesburg
SubjectsBusiness Studies, Geography
1. IGCSE Business studies and Advanced level business studies (Cambridge curriculum, METRIC CAPS SYLLABUS GRADE 7 -12) 2. IGCSE Geography and Advanced Level Geography (Cambridge curriculum, METRIC CAP SYLLABUS GRADE 7 -12, SOCIAL STUDIES. 3. Business studies vocational courses.
Contact(M.)  0782457149  (T.)   -    (E.)  ashuashuapai@gmail.com 

Guaranteed understanding of the subject.

NameLucas NkosiCity Johannesburg
Studying 2nd year at Wits University doing B.ed majoring with Mathematics and sub-majoring with physical Sciences.
Contact(M.)  0766960517  (T.)  0766960517  (E.)  14nkosilucas@gmail.com 

Mathematics and Physics

NameSandileCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics and Physics
I'm studying 3rd year Engineering at the University of Pretoria, I have been tutoring for 3 years. One of my best qualities is coming up with easier ways to solves problems.
Contact(M.)  0815939685  (T.)   -    (E.)  u16193939@tuks.co.za 

English Tutor

NameBonganiCity Bloemfontein
I am an English Tutor
Contact(M.)  0728296581  (T.)   -    (E.)  thelas.bc@gmail.com 


NameKarabo TsokeliCity Pretoria / Centurion
Subjectsbusiness studies, LIfe sciences
Contact(M.)  0847883556  (T.)   -    (E.)  u15324304@tuks.co.za 

Affordable Tutor

NameSibusisoCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMaths,Physical Sciences and Life Sciences (Grade 10-12)
Currently doing second year Acturial Sciences at UP(Tukkies)
Contact(M.)  0744777978  (T.)  0744777978  (E.)  tshegosbu@gmail.com 

Maths and Science Specialist

NameNiek van HarderwijkCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMaths and physical science
I am a Masters graduate from the University of Pretoria who has been working in the education sector as a publisher, teacher and private tutor. If you require help in the Pretoria/Centurion area or West Rand area, please contact me.
Contact(M.)  0795908485  (T.)   -    (E.)  nvharderwijk@yahoo.com 

Helping you achieve your goals

NameVictoriaCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsEnglish, History, Business Economics, Business Management, Psychology, HR Management
Hi, I have a Bcom specialising in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. While at school I achieved very high marks, 70 - 100%, for English, History and Business Economics. Furthermore, while completing my degree I achieved similar marks with the subjects in my degree. I am patient, kind, understanding and believe in the importance of positive reinforcement. I want to help you achieve your goals.
Contact(M.)  0836321236  (T.)  0836321236  (E.)  victoriastarita@gmail.com 

Maths, Physical & Life Sciences Tutor

NameNatty City Durban
SubjectsMathematics (All grades) physical sciences (all grades) and Life Sciences (All grades)
Are you looking for a great tutor for yr Child or for you.... I'm the best you are looking for contact me for more information
Contact(M.)  0780300159   (T.)  0780300159   (E.)  Shineinexcellence@gmail.com 


NameBeccaCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMaths and English
I am a BSc Mathematics final year student at the University of Pretoria.Looking forward to doing maths with you.
Contact(M.)  0797117296  (T.)   -    (E.)  beccamofokeng@gmail.com 

Physical sciences and Mathematics Tutor

NameNokwanda MaguguCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsPhysical sciences and mathematics
I believe in academic excellence. Helping other succeed is my passion.
Contact(M.)  0791247938  (T.)  0791247938  (E.)  u13239661@tuks.co.za 

GRADE 3 -9

NameMelissa GatesCity Johannesburg
Hi, I have a Bsc degree, as well as a Bsc honours. I have a year experience as an intern educator at a school and now I am a full time teacher at a school. I can tutor in areas around Roodepoort, Randpark Ridge and Randburg Please email me.
Contact(M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.)  melis.gates@gmail.com 

A tutor you can afford.

NameThanziCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMaths ,physical sciences and life sciences
I have no experience in tutoring.I am patient and understanding.My goal is to gain experience while helping anyone who is need .1.I try to find out how best you learn .2.You do the work and tell me why you think u are wrong or right. 3. We move on from there.I got B in maths and life sciences. Challenges come dressed as problems and we just have to see as opportunities. Let's start working.
Contact(M.)  0818803909  (T.)  0788485777  (E.)  Thanzitw@gmail.com 

Grade 8-12, N1-N6, University Tutor!!!

NameNkhensoCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMaths, Statistics, Engineering Science, Linear Algebra, structural engineering, physics, Calculus
I am a fourth year undergraduate student for BEng(Civil Engineering) enrolling with UJ, I have distinctions from high school and university in the learning areas that I tutor. I am passionate about what I do. I have tutored in local schools and one-on-one session, I do exam/assessment preparation and tackling assignments with my clients. I am never too busy for my clients, I make it up for them when ever they need me. With me you can witness the change on your level of performance.
Contact(M.)  0734240498  (T.)  0608991008  (E.)  nkhensotev@GMAIL.COM 

Grade 4-9 Tuition

NameTahminaCity Cape Town
SubjectsMaths english and other subject needed help with
Contact(M.)  0718900040  (T.)   -    (E.)  thaminakasir10@gmail.com 

Dedicated Tutor Available

NameDithaba TauCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics,Physical Sciences, Life Sciences
I am a final year Electrical Engineering student at the Univerdsity of Pretoria,with 2 years tutoring experience,I love tutoring hardworking struggling students,I can relate with their experiences,I also once struggled,being an ex-strugglee with 4 matric distinctions including maths and science,I know what it takes to move from failure to success,I am a little bit impatient In life,but I try by all means not to be with my students,i I give my students homework after every session.
Contact(M.)  0661827383  (T.)  0661827383  (E.)  TauPhino@Tuks.co.za 

Maths Tutor

NameHerman the TutorCity Pretoria / Centurion
Subjectsmathematics (gr.1-12)
i tutor all grades mathematics. young varsity student who loves maths
Contact(M.)  0846584583  (T.)  0846584583  (E.)  hermanhem@gmail.com 

maths tutor

Nameherman the tutorCity Pretoria / Centurion
all maths tutor Gr. 1-12
Contact(M.)  0846584583  (T.)  0846584583  (E.)  hermahemi@gmail.com 

Professional Tutor

NameLizzy SanzunzuCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMathematics, english, Economics, Geography, Sciences, Business
Over 10 years experience within the tutoring, coaching and mentoring space. A Commercialization Specialist by profession and an accredited Business Advisor via Growthwheel with a passion for tutoring. l am patient in my approach to learning but over 90% retainer results on passes.
Contact(M.)  0786440203  (T.)   -    (E.)  tlhodzi@yahoo.com 

Experienced Science tutor

NameLerato City Johannesburg
SubjectsPhysical science, Life Science, Business Studies
University of Pretoria graduate majored in physics, chemistry & biology. Patient and creative tutoring methods with 4yrs experience.
Contact(M.)  0711892556  (T.)   -    (E.)  mampaiseema@gmail.com 

English Tutor

NameMichelle MookaCity Pretoria / Centurion
I am a self-published author and a BA in Creative Writing (English Language and Literature) student at UNISA. I offer tutoring services at a rate of R150 per hour, I also assist with making exam study notes at R50 per page.
Contact(M.)  0612406084  (T.)   -    (E.)  melmooka@gmail.com 

Maths, Physics, Natural Science

NameRapetsoa KennethCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMaths, Physics, Natural Sciences and Life Sciences
I am a Wits Graduate in Bsc(Maths&Physics), currently doing my honours in Geophysics. i do tutoring in places Auckland park, Observatory, Randburg
Contact(M.)  0623365809  (T.)  0623365809  (E.)  kennethrpa@gmail.com 

Grade 1 - 7 Tutor

NameDidintle LCity Johannesburg
SubjectsJunior phase and Intersen Subjects
I am a grade 2 teacher, qualified with a B ed Foundation phase. I have a passion for teaching and explaining different concepts using innovative strategies. I tutor students around johannesburg South during weekends from 10:00am.
Contact(M.)  0781942753  (T.)   -    (E.)  didintle.lenyibi@gmail.com 

Mathematics,Chemistry and Physics

NameSimbaCity Durban
SubjectsMathematics,Chemistry and Physics
Experienced tutor working with a traceable reference. Get in touch for more details.
Contact(M.)  0610097541  (T.)  0610097541  (E.)  smarange@gmail.com 


NamePriyanka PadCity Johannesburg
1st year accounting student looking to tutor in the above mentioned subjects. I have a passion for teaching and fully understand the concepts. I received 8 distinctions as well as a 97 in Acc and 95 in Math Fees range at R180 but may alter based on distance
Contact(M.)  0728216781  (T.)   -    (E.)  priyankapad01@gmail.com 

High School Mathematics Tutor

NameMufaroCity Pretoria / Centurion
Currently pursuing a BEng Computer Engineering degree. Experience as a teaching assistant at the University of Pretoria.
Contact(M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.)  u12103579@gmail.com 

mathematics and physics

NameMicheal MosiaCity Johannesburg
Subjectsmathematics and physics
university of johanessburg student. I have been tutoring grade 10-12 learners.
Contact(M.)  0715952134  (T.)  0715952134  (E.)  sphiwemmosia@gmail.com 

Maths and Physics tutor

NameNdanduleni NephaleCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsPhysics, Mathematics
I have a Masters in Physics and a very reliable tutor.
Contact(M.)  0734569404  (T.)   -    (E.)  nnephale@gmail.com 

Fin Accounting & Man Accounting Tutor

NameGerry Maake & Obed LekgothoaneCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsFinancial Accounting and Management Accounting Tutor
Two young accountants with a combined 12 years experience in tutoring both accounting ad Management accounting,as well as a combined 12 years of practical accounting application work experience. both hold a B.com (accounting) degree with the other having a B.com honours in accounting
Contact(M.)  0722859034   (T.)  0731080243  (E.)  geraldmaake@gmail.com 

For Physical sciences and mathematics

NameMorapa MGCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsPhysical sciences and Mathematics
maths made easy
Contact(M.)  0726088549  (T.)  0726088549  (E.)  pastormg26@gmail.com 

Tutor - Primary and High School

NameRebeccaCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMathematics, English, History and Afrikaans FAL
Tutor - Primary and High School Grade 1-7 All subjects (R180/hour) Grade 8-9 Mathematics and Afrikaans FAL (R200/hour) Grade 8-12 English and History (R200/hour) I am tutoring from Norwood but am willing to tutor at public places within 10km. If you are interested please email me at rebecca@serman.co.za
Contact(M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.)  rebecca@serman.co.za 

Accounting ,Economics and Business studies Tutor

NameMikateko Caroline NkunaCity Johannesburg
SubjectsAccounting,economics and business studies
I am a 3rd year Bcom Accounting student at the University of Johannesburg.Johannesburg based currently. Iam a part time matruculants tutor simply because I love education and sharing my knowledge with the world.
Contact(M.)  0611341337  (T.)   -    (E.)  mknkuna.960@gmail.com 


NameM.MokoenaCity Port Elizabeth
Subjectsaccounting,eonomics and Business studies
I am a qualified teacher with BED BUSINESS STUDIES.I have worked with grades 9-12 for over 2 years.
Contact(M.)  0765216432  (T.)  0606720652  (E.)  mokoenaglobal@gmail.com 

Mathematics and Physical Science Tutor

NameBillyCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics and Physical Science
I charge R120/hour
Contact(M.)  0649641873  (T.)  0649641873  (E.)  billytsabane@gmail.com 


NameKaluCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMaths, physical science and life science
I am a PhD student in Unisa. I have taught matric learners that passed with bachelors and have obtained both government and university on academic merit. I am patient with my learners and always believe in their ability.
Contact(M.)  0748366063  (T.)  0748366063  (E.)  kaluchimdim@gmail.com 

Qualified teacher and experienced teacher

NameBrianCity Cape Town
SubjectsGeography,Life sciences,Natural sciences and Social sciences
My name is Brian Mathonsi I am a qualified and experienced teacher and tutor who holds a Bachelors degree in Environmental sciences and PGCE .I have expereince teaching Geography and Life sciences from Grade 10 to Grade 12 level
Contact(M.)  0763141665  (T.)  0734055863  (E.)  mathonsibrian@gmail.com 

Your Professor

NameAudney City Bloemfontein
SubjectsAccounting, Economics and Business studies
Do you have a problem with Debiting and crediting? Let me show you how. Every mark counts. Affordable quality tutorials at only R85 an hour. Don't hesitate, send a WhatsApp or call me on 0746508338. Changing the face of Commerce ⚚
Contact(M.)  0746508338   (T.)  0715387615  (E.)  ngobeni.audney@gmail.com 

Grade 8-9; N1-N6; University & Engineering Tutor

NameThandwa NgumaCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMaths, Physics, Chemistry, Structural Engineering, EGD, Calculus.
I am a final year Civil Engineering Student (B.Eng Civil) and I have been tutoring Maths, Science and Engineering in both high school and varsity level for more than 3 years. My experience in tutoring will not only help the learner improve grades but will provide the learner with critical thinking skills for problem-solving. Having an Engineering background, I have released that breaking down concepts and simplifying them leads to better understanding.
Contact(M.)  0730781974  (T.)  0842292481  (E.)  thandwa.nguma8@gmail.com 

Maths and Accounting Tutor

NameDineoCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMathematics and Accounting
I am a 23year old female offering Mathematics tutoring for grade 8-11 and accounting for grade 10-12. based in the east rand
Contact(M.)  0786453504  (T.)  0786453504  (E.)  mohojetshepiso@gmail.com 


NameSylvesterCity Durban
SubjectsPhysics, Maths, Mechanics, Structures, Fluids
I am a MSc Civil Eng. Student. I have been tutoring for 5years. I take on home school leaners fulltime. I tutor the following: Physics(Gr 10-12 CAPS, IEB, O'level AS & A level Cambridge, 1st year).Maths(Gr 10-12 CAPS,IEB, O'level,AS & A level Cambridge),Mechanics , Fluids (Hydraulics and Hydrology) and Structures up to 2nd year BSc level. (Test coaching/ preparation inclusive
Contact(M.)  0781218044  (T.)  0781218044  (E.)  rigelink.ec@gmail.com 


NameKing MashabaCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMaths and Science
I recent graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand with the passion to impart knowledge and explain very complex information in a simpler way.
Contact(M.)  0606279542  (T.)   -    (E.)  mashabaking7@gmail.com 

Patient, Experienced Tutor Gr 10-12 Thulisa Park

NameAuxiliaCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMathematics, Physical Science
Contact(M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.)  amunhutu2@gmail.com 

Afrikaans Foundation Phase Tutor/Private Tutor

NameIsabeCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsAll Junior Phase (Gr 1-3) classwork
A qual, exper (25+ years) Jun Prim Teacher with Specialized Ed qual. I have exp in Jun Prim), Spec Edu (CP), Private Ed (Tutor: Syndromes, Mentally impaired), Christian Ed (ACE). Experience: ADHD, dyslexia, reading problems, etc. My passion is indiv tut.
Contact(M.)  083-294-3769  (T.)   -    (E.)  isabe.green@gmail.com 

Grade 8-12, N1-N6, University Tutor!!!

NameNkhenso Ntsanwisi City Johannesburg
SubjectsMaths, Statistics, Engineering Science, Linear Algebra, structural engineering, physics, Calculus
I am a fourth year undergraduate student for BEng(Civil Engineering) enrolling with UJ, I have distinctions in from high school and university in the learning areas that I tutor. I am passionate about what I do. I have tutored in local schools and one-on-one session, I do exam/assessment preparation and tackling assignments with my clients. I am never too busy for my clients, I make it up for them when ever they need me. With me you can witness the change on your level of performance.
Contact(M.)  0608991008  (T.)  0734240498  (E.)  nkhensotev@gmail.com 

Tutor for Grade 4 to 13

NameMonicCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsAfrikaans, English, Mathematics, Business, life Science, Geography, social science
Graduate student from the university of Pretoria
Contact(M.)  0820871891   (T.)   -    (E.)  ventermonic1@gmail.com 

Mathematics, Science ,Eng.Science Tutor.

NameSibusiso T. MatenganeCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMaThS,Science and Eng.Drawing
Comments Maths & Physical science tutor Grade 08-12 and N1-N6. Engineering science N1-N4 and Engineering Drawing N1-N3. I residing in Randfontein (west Rand) Gauteng, i have enrolled with SWGC for Electrical Engineering for National N diploma. I am very patient with the ability to explain difficult concepts and boosting your on confidence. Don't hesitate to contact me you'll never regret.
Contact(M.)  0781231728  (T.)  0791685738  (E.)  sibusisotheodorance@gmail.com 

Can tutor any grade

NameSamkelisiwe ThwalaCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics, Physics, Life Sciences, English, Isizulu, Geography
I am Bsc Hons student at the University of Pretoria.I am good at tutoring any of these subjects:Mathematics, Physics, Life Sciences, English, Isizulu, Geography. I am very patients with learners willing to teach any grade.
Contact(M.)  0844210772  (T.)  0844210772  (E.)  samkethwala94@gmail.com 

Intermediate Phase Tutor

NameSheila MoodleyCity Durban
SubjectsEnglish, Maths, Social Science
I am a qualified teacher with 28 years of experience in the Intermediate Phase.I am looking for students in the Bluff , Merebank and surrounding areas.
Contact(M.)  0612158972  (T.)   -    (E.)  sheila.moodley1@gmail.com 

Physics, maths, science, and geography tutor

NameVan Zyl CoetzeeCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsPhysics, chemistry , biology ,mathematics and geography
I am a final year biochemistry student at the university of Pretoria. I am able to tutor all of the above mentioned subjects. I do live in Hatfield but traveling is not an issue. I do have my own transport.
Contact(M.)  0634596856  (T.)  0634596858  (E.)  vz.coetzee@gmail.com 

Mathis and science tutor

NameThwala DumisaneCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMathis and physical science
I am a final year chemical engineering student at wits. Passionate about tutoring. I have been a mentor and tutor to my previous high school for the past 5 years. I am excellent in maths with 100% mark on matric result and 96% varsity marks and physical science(98%). I am an understanding and patient tutor.
Contact(M.)  0822200647  (T.)  0795899589  (E.)  Thwaladumisane@gmail.com 

Experienced Tutor

NameChelsea TaylorCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Afrikaans Second Language, English
In my experienced, I have tutored children from ages 7-15 in mainly maths and science.I have also worked with children with ADHD before. I have my own transport and am willing to drive 10km from my residence which is in Hillcrest, Pretoria East.
Contact(M.)  767992887  (T.)   -    (E.)  chels04.savannah@gmail.com 

Afrikaans and English tutor

NameKerry EnglishCity Johannesburg
SubjectsAfrikaans English social science
I havr been tutoring for 6 years both foundation and intermediate phase. I am studying towards LLB degree
Contact(M.)  832938741  (T.)  +27832938741  (E.)  kerryeng5@gmail.com 

Cambridge, IEB, CAPS Syllabi Tutor & NBT Coaching

NameNigelCity Durban
SubjectsMathematics, Physics & Chemistry (Grade 9 -12, O & A's Levels) and first year university modules
I am a reliable private tutor with at least 5 years of tutoring experience. I take pride in assisting learners to improve their problem-solving skills so that they become independent learners. I possess a strong academic background coupled with the ability to understand and relate to the problems/misconceptions that learners may have pertaining to the above-mentioned subject areas. My job is to motivate and inspire students to achieve success both in academic and personal capacity.
Contact(M.)  0815041443  (T.)  0629764940  (E.)  thinkmaths21@gmail.com 


NamePieterCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsAfrikaans, English, Business Studies, Economics, Commercial law
I am available to tutor any grade I am patient with the ability to clearly explain difficult issues, and focus on practical application in exams My language skills are excellent.I hold three degrees and studied languages and economics at various levels. Venue in Pta East or travel.Tariffs neg Pieter 0659541310 or pietinbox@gmail.com
Contact(M.)  0659541310  (T.)   -    (E.)  pietinbox@gmail.com 

The Math Tutor

NameSphiweCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsAll mathematics subjects from grade 10 to 3rd year university
I help with everything from day-to-day studying to assignment writing and exam preparation. I offer both one-on-one and group sessions. I have various packages tailored to suit your needs
Contact(M.)   -    (T.)  0723963860  (E.)  mathtutor0071@gmail.com 

commerce tutor

NameKay-geeCity Pretoria / Centurion
I'm university student studying towards B.Ed(senior and FET phase) at UNISA, I been tutoring for over four(4) years now, I love teaching because is my gift and I enjoy when someone learn from me.
Contact(M.)  0722179968  (T.)  +27817838684  (E.)  mashimbye15k@gmail.com 


NameKananelo MoloiCity Johannesburg
SubjectsLife Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technology, Mathematics, IT, CAT, EGD, Sesotho.
I am a final year Bachelors of Education student, majoring in Life Sciences & Information Technology at University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). I am also a student master of the boarding house at Parktown Boys High School. I provide my tutoring service at the comfort of your home or at one of the tutorial rooms at Wits University. I charge R140 per hour if you travel to me and R165 per hour if I travel to you. I also provide my tutoring service via WhatsApp!
Contact(M.)  0713865736  (T.)   -    (E.)  kananelo.moloi2015@gmail.com 

Qualified Accounting Teacher

NameMagesh SoobiahCity Johannesburg
A qualified Accounting teacher available for both private and group classes.
Contact(M.)  827720097  (T.)  0827720097  (E.)  msoobiah@gmail.com 

Maths and Science Tutor

NameThaboCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMathematics, Math Literacy, Physical Sciences, Geography
I tutor all grades and even University students.
Contact(M.)  0789932697  (T.)  0789932697  (E.)  thabo.crispen@outlook.com 

Top Maths 'n Science tutor

NameJames City Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMaths, physics, chemistry, English, maths literacy
I'm doing my final year in chemical engineering.
Contact(M.)  0623609693  (T.)  0792351047  (E.)  siyabongaj31@gmail.com 

Grade 8-12 maths and physics

NameKhethukuthula MngomezuluCity Johannesburg
Subjectsmaths, physcical science, calculus, applied mechanics
I am a Civil engineering graduate(BIng) I'm good with maths science,calculus and applied mechanics. I have two years experience of high school tutoring that I did as giving back to the community, I tutored grade 11 and 12's mostly. I like touring because it gives me joy seeing a person grasping a certain concept they've been struggling with an like helping students to up their grades by performing better
Contact(M.)  0732591947  (T.)  0732591947  (E.)  mkhethukuthula@gmail.com 

Pretoria-Afrikaans, English, Business Studies, Economics, Life Sciences

NamePieter de wetCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsAfrikaans, English, Business Studies
I hold several degrees and obtained distinctions in English and Latin at school. University courses include various languages and economics. I am a passionate yet patient tutor available to assist students in Afrikaans, English, Business Studies, Economics and Life Sciences. My fees are negotiable depending on where you are and the duration, and start at R150 p.h. Call me to discuss your needs and see how I can accommodate you.
Contact(M.)  0659541310  (T.)  0766082109  (E.)  pietinbox@gmail.com 

Maths and Science Specialist

NameNiek van HarderwijkCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMaths and physical science
Masters graduate from the University of Pretoria. Have been a Maths teacher at woodhill college and currently work in educational publishing. Work Pretoria, Centurion as well as the West Rand
Contact(M.)  0795908485  (T.)  0795908485  (E.)  nvharderwijk@yahoo.com 


NameAubrey MokgothuCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMathematics and Mathematical Literacy Grade 8- 12
I have more than 5 years experience teaching mathematics at government schools. Have been a GDE Matric exams marker. I would prefer learners from the Alberton area.
Contact(M.)  0820862943  (T.)  0820862943  (E.)  kamokgothu@gmail.com 


NameLubabalo MaketaCity Johannesburg
I did BSc in mathematics and Physics at UNISA, up to second level. I am available to assist grade 8 to 12 Mathematics for students residing in Tembisa, Kempton Park and surrounding arears. I stay in Pomolong Tembisa
Contact(M.)  0728515551  (T.)  0604752231  (E.)  l.maketa@yahoo.com 

Programming Tutor (C#, C++)

NameKhuvet ShibambuCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsC++, C# Programming,
I'm a computer systems engineering graduate who who specialises in software developement. (Programing and SQL Database)
Contact(M.)  0784922162  (T.)   -    (E.)  khuvet@outlook.com 

High School Accounting tutor

NameCindy FotsoCity Johannesburg
SubjectsAccounting Grades 8-12
I am currently studying 3rd year Accounting Sciences. I am based in the Randpark Ridge area and will travel to you. Rates start at 160/hr
Contact(M.)  0796681992  (T.)   -    (E.)  fotsocindy@gmail.com 


NameEdith MCity Johannesburg
Subjectsgeography and life sciences
Contact(M.)  0616644795  (T.)  0616644795  (E.)  ekmoloisi@gmail.com 

English and NS Tutor

NameMakgetha KadiCity Johannesburg
SubjectsEngish and Natural Science
I am a second year UNISA student. I have worked extensively with learners in the North West tutoring English and Natural Science Intermediate and Senior Phases. I have also offered lessons in English and Life Sciences for ASC learners. I am well-versed in CAPS methodologies
Contact(M.)  0735822336  (T.)   -    (E.)  kgethaska1@gmail.com 

High school english and history tutor

NameMisty de Robillard City Durban
SubjectsEnglish, History
I am 24 and have just obtained my LLB degree from Rhodes University as well as a bachelor of arts degree in English literature and Classical studies from said institution. I tutored university and high school students throughout my years at Rhodes and I have extensive experience with children via summer camps, societies and stooging. I am a committed, compassionate and enthusiastic tutor, who thoroughly enjoys working with young people and fostering academic growth.
Contact(M.)  073 411 7311  (T.)  -   (E.)  mistyderobillard@gmail.com 

The reeds. Lyttleton

NameAlmaCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsSpraak klasse. Kuns klasse vir voorskool tot gr2
Ek het met baie kinders al gewerk. Het baie geduld is lief vir kinders
Contact(M.)  0832779130  (T.)   -    (E.)  almaferreira70@gmail.com 

Experienced tutor

NameJessica McDowellCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMaths, physical sciences
I am a fourth year Industrial Engineering student at the University of Pretoria. I have been tutoring since 2015. I received distinctions for both subjects in Matric and further studied them at University. I tutor on week days and charge R200 per hour, negotiable for groups or longer sessions. I am located near the University.
Contact(M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.)  jessicamcdowell1@yahoo.com 

Maths and Physics Tutor

NameKaraboCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics and Physics
Mathematics and Physics available for primary and high school pupils
Contact(M.)  0815062269  (T.)   -    (E.)  ntsekek@gmail.com 

Foundation phase tutor and Afrikaans tutor

NameAdele JacobsCity Midrand
SubjectsFoundation phase, Afrikaans and English
I have a Masters degree in education and I am currently a Foundation Phase teacher. I have also been tutoring Afrikaans and English for all grades for 8 years.
Contact(M.)  825212702  (T.)  0825212702  (E.)  adelelovesteaching@gmail.com 

Private Tutor

NameCheyan DavidsonCity Johannesburg
SubjectsEnglish, Maths, Biology, Geography, History, Afrikaans, Life Orientation
I am a dedicated and patient tutor with a year and a half experience tutoring 7 different subjects. All of my students have shown improvement in their marks after we have worked together and I always try to adapt my teaching methods to ensure maximum understanding from my students.
Contact(M.)  0722557583  (T.)  0722557583   (E.)  cheyan.davidson@gmail.com 


NameAshleigh NaickerCity Johannesburg
SubjectsAccounting, English and Maths for primary and high school.
I am based in Northcliff, Johannesburg. I charge R180-R200 an hour. I am able to tutor other subjects other than Accounting, English and Maths if you required.
Contact(M.)  0718979365  (T.)   -    (E.)  ashleighnaicker80@gmail.com 

Educator/ Tutor

NameMapaseka City Johannesburg
English educator for grades 8-11. Dedicated, hardworking, individual charging R250 per hour based in Johannesburg and around Johannesburg. Available every 2nd and last week of the month on Saturday mornings. Please contact me via email.
Contact(M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.)  msletsiba@gmail.com 

Mathematics & Physical Science Tutor Grade 8-12

NameVictor MakhadoCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics & Physical Science Tutor from Grade 8-12
I specialized on Tutoring Maths and Science, I also do Home Tutoring where i Charge R150 per Hour, I have Degree in Mathematics from University of Johanessburg
Contact(M.)  0731039537  (T.)  0731039537  (E.)  victor.makhado@yahoo.com 

VisaBongs Tuition

NameVincent KobaniCity Johannesburg
SubjectsPhysics and Mathematics
I am completing my Honours Degree in Metallurgical Engineering (Year 2018). I am a very passionate tutor and motivational speaker. I tutor Grade 8-12 Mathematics and Physical Sciences. I do not tutor IEB.
Contact(M.)  079 143 7144  (T.)  079 143 7144  (E.)  visabongs100@gmail.com 

Maths Master

NameMapere 'Master' NkhumaneCity Johannesburg
SubjectsEMS;NS & Technology; Mathemstics and Maths Literacy
I am a young enthusiastic man,aged 23,holding Bsc(Mathematical science) and PGCE.Available on Weekends.R110 p/h
Contact(M.)  082 3922 366  (T.)   -    (E.)  maperenkhumane@gmail.com 

Mathematics & Physics Private Tutor

NameGideonCity Midrand
SubjectsMathematics & Physics
I hold a Phd in Applied Mathematics from Wits. I have more than 15 years experience in teaching & tutoring Maths and Physics. My passion lies in presenting Mathematics to students in a relatable way,engaging & encouraging them in problem solving skills. Never a dull moment in Maths and Physics. [IEB, CAPS, NSC and Cambridge O & A levels] Feel free to call, whatsapp or email for more enquiry.
Contact(M.)  0766871066  (T.)   -    (E.)  gideonmathstutor@gmail.com 

Maths & Physics Made Easy

NameSylvesterCity Durban
SubjectsPhysics, Maths, Mechanics, Structures, Fluids
I am a MSc Civil Eng. Student. I have been tutoring for 5years. I take on home school leaners fulltime. I tutor the following: Physics(Gr 10-12 CAPS, IEB, O'level AS & A level Cambridge, 1st year).Maths(Gr 10-12 CAPS,IEB, O'level,AS & A level Cambridge),Mechanics , Fluids (Hydraulics and Hydrology) and Structures up to 2nd year BSc level. (Test coaching/ preparation inclusive)
Contact(M.)  0781218044  (T.)  0781218044  (E.)  rigelink.ec@gmail.com 

Mathematics tutor (grade 10,11 and 12)

NameKiara SmithCity Cape Town
I am currently studying BSc Mathematical Sciences at Stellenbosch University. I am very dedicated and will always put my best into tutoring and helping others. I achieved an A-aggregate in matric and a distinction for mathematics.
Contact(M.)  0813359673  (T.)   -    (E.)  Kiaracsmith@gmail.com 

Mathematics and Science tutor

NameNkululeko SadikeCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics and physical science
I am a mathematics and physical science tutor. I tutor from grades 10 to 12 and I have 3 years of experience. I have helped students achieve better marks in these two subjects and I do hope that I can help more students.
Contact(M.)  0618127914  (T.)   -    (E.)  Nkulisadike@gmail.com 

Maths and Science specialist

NameNiek van HarderwijkCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMaths, Biology and Science
Masters graduate, working in the publishing industry(education sector), also taught maths at Woodhill College and have been involved in the tutoring industry for many years. Have a good track record with references available on request.
Contact(M.)  0795908485  (T.)   -    (E.)  nvharderwijk@yahoo.com 


NameMarco FeiteiraCity Johannesburg
SubjectsEnglish and History
Contact(M.)  0792234940  (T.)   -    (E.)  MarcoFeiteira7@gmail.com 

Mathematics tutor!

NameTshepisoCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics & Accounting
I am enrolled and studying BSc Actuarial Sciences at the University of Pretoria. I render my services to pupils of all grades who are finding difficulty in Mathematics & Accounting. I am extremely affordable and yet effective in ensuring that you improve in the above mentioned subjects.
Contact(M.)  0747383285  (T.)  0631906525  (E.)  tshepisomokano@gmail.com 

Maths AND Science Tutor in Pretoria

NameBillyCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsMathematics and Physical Science
I charge R150/hour...
Contact(M.)  0649641873  (T.)  06496418763  (E.)  u16271034@tuks.co.za 

Private Teacher and Tutor

NameAbigail BarrellCity Johannesburg
SubjectsEnglish, Maths, Sciences
My name is Abigail. I am a 34 year old female English Education Specialist, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have worked in education (teaching, lecturing and tutoring) in the United Kingdom, South Africa and online space for over 10 years. I am a passionate educator, with a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills that will benefit you or your child. I look forward to hearing from you.
Contact(M.)  0717699824  (T.)  0717699824  (E.)  missbarrell@gmail.com 

Grade rr - grade 4

NameSuraya Sheik HoosenCity Pietermaritzburg
I am a BED Foundation Phase learner, full time mum to 3 kids whom I have tutored and have grown to be intelligent independent young adults. I offer tuition to Grade R - 4 learners at R50 and hour, weekends only. Contact me on 076 2762679
Contact(M.)  0762762679  (T.)   -    (E.)  hoosensuraya8@gmail.com 


NameTshepo LawrenceCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsAccounting and Economics
I am a 4th year student doing B.ed at TUT with a strong academic record since grade 12.I have accumulated alot of distinctions in both Accounting and Economics.I have a good communication skills.I prefer to be slow when teaching so that I can be understood I charge R150 per hour.
Contact(M.)  0761259584  (T.)   -    (E.)  Decboy76@gmail.com 


NameLithaCity Cape Town
SubjectsIsixhosa, Business Studies and History
Grade 8-12
Contact(M.)  0787794137  (T.)   -    (E.)  Thalitha.nyeka@gmail.com 

Maths & Science Tutor

NameSizwe NgubaneCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMaths, Physics, and Applied Maths
I have a Masters degree in Mathematics from Wits University, with more than five years of experience in tutoring all Mathematical subjects from Grade 8 to 3rd year university. I do both one-on-one and group lessons,and I drive to your home (your comfort zone)or any preferred venue. I also assist with assignments, study techniques, and exam preparations.
Contact(M.)  0767481728  (T.)  0113506054  (E.)  sizwe.ngubane@absa.co.za 

Maths & Physics Made Easy!

NameSylvesterCity Durban
SubjectsPhysics, Maths, Mechanics, Structures, Fluids
I am a MSc Civil Eng. Student. I have been tutoring for 5years. I take on home school leaners fulltime. My creative nature and vast knowledge in the above-mentioned fields allow me to give my clients the material in way that no one else can. This promotes understanding and in turn the results will speak for themselves.
Contact(M.)  0781218044  (T.)  0781218044  (E.)  rigelink.ec@gmail.com 

A Mobile Elderly "39 years" Teacher or Tutor

NameMr EL NgidiCity Pretoria / Centurion
SubjectsGrade 10 to 12 including Tertiary Mathematics, Applied Mathematics , Physics & Chemistry
I'm a 39 years old tutor with the following educational qualifications; MSc Organic Chemistry, BSc Hons Chemistry, BSc Mathematics & Chemistry, PGCE Physical Science and Mathematics from Wits University. SACE registration no. 12338452
Contact(M.)  0722802870  (T.)  0123056155  (E.)  ngidi.lindani@gmail.com 

Johannesburg and surroundings

NameNangamso JongaCity Johannesburg
SubjectsGeography,Life Sciences, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences
I am a forth year students offering tutorial classes at a very reasonable price experience rather than money is what is important
Contact(M.)  0783129809  (T.)  AZMIQ  (E.)  56019858mylife@unisa.ac.za 

Maths tutor

NameKhayakazi MadotyeniCity Cape Town
I stay around Mfuleni
Contact(M.)  0788176722  (T.)   -    (E.)  madotyenik@yahoo.com 

Maths AND Physical Science Grade 12 Tutor

NameCity Bloemfontein
SubjectsPhysical Science and mathematics
My name is Sidney Makololo,a third year chemical engineering student at the University Of Witwatersrand(Wits University).I am an experienced tutor .I tutor grade 12 Maths and physical sciences +FREE MENTORSHIP. You can get hold of me on watsapp or call me on :0783052389.
Contact(M.)  0783052389  (T.)   -    (E.)  smakololo@gmail.com 


NameAndersonCity Johannesburg
SubjectsAccounting and all commerce subjects
I am a 26 year old with a Bcom Accounting degree. I always produce the best results and make sure my students pass. I believe in patients as our abilities are not the same. For also help in assignments I am available.
Contact(M.)  0784309045  (T.)  0116204284  (E.)  andersonchamwaita@ymail.com 

Private Tutor

NameAnywhere ChimurudzeCity Johannesburg
SubjectsAccounting, Business Studies, Maths Lit, Economics and Geography
Qualified and experienced tutor with excellent traceable record. Starting from R150
Contact(M.)  0832642945  (T.)  0832642945  (E.)  chimurudzea@gmail.com 

Professional Tutor

NameNomcebo MgagaCity Johannesburg
SubjectsMaths, Physics, IsiZulu, Geography, Life Sciences

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