Research Methods Class Assignments Online

EDUC 5011
Research Methods

3.0 Credits

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This course will serve as an overview to research methods typically used in educational research. It will familiarize students with a range of research methods which will allow students to be critical consumers of research and apply appropriate methods to examine a range of research questions. Students will learn to design research proposals, conduct a literature review, examine a variety of research methods, and learn procedures for securing research ethics approval.

Delivery Method

Online, Paced.


Meets the admission requirements of the M.Ed.


After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research designs
  • Critically examine the theoretical frameworks and research methods used by others
  • Synthesize literature to answer a research question
  • Describe qualitative and quantitative data gathering tools
  • Describe qualitative and quantitative data processing tools
  • Identify and define a research topic of interest
  • Define, position, and justify a research problem of relevance to your field of interest
  • Design clear research questions
  • Identify and apply appropriate research methods to answer different research questions
  • Effectively conduct a review of theoretical and empirical research literature
  • Critically examine ethical issues in research with humans
  • Describe the procedures for securing ethics approval

Course Outline

EDUC 5011 includes the following eleven modules:

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of educational research
  • Module 2: Research approaches in education: From an area of interest to a research problem
  • Module 3: Specifying a purpose and research questions
  • Module 4: Ethical considerations in applied research
  • Module 5: The literature review: Developing an argument based on research
  • Module 6: Critiquing and synthesizing the literature
  • Module 7: Writing the literature review and refining your questions
  • Module 8: Qualitative Research Designs
  • Module 9: Processing, Interpreting, and Reporting Qualitative Data
  • Module 10: An Introduction to Quantitative and Mixed-Methods Research and Basic Statistics
  • Module 11: Survey Designs

Maximum Completion

16 weeks.

Required Text and Materials

  1. Creswell, J. W. Educational Research: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research + access card. 5e. Pearson, 2015.
    Type: Textbook: ISBN: 978-0-13-383153-5
  1. Machi, L. A. & McEvoy, B.T. The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success. 2e. Corwin, 2012.
    Type: Textbook: ISBN: 978-1-4522-4088-6

Online students are responsible for sourcing and ordering their own textbooks. You can order the text through the TRU Bookstore at A textbook list will be provided with a registration package when you are eligible to register. If you have any questions please contact the MEd program at

Open Learning Faculty Member Information

An Open Learning Faculty Member is available to assist students. Primary communication is through the "mail" tool in the Learning Environment or by phone. You will receive the necessary contact information when you start your course.


To successfully complete this course, you must achieve a passing grade of 70% or higher on the overall course and 50% or higher on the mandatory Final Project. The following table illustrates how your final grade will be determined for this course.

All written assignments for the course should be written using APA style and excellent writing is expected. All course assignments must be submitted at the times established unless prior approval of the Open Learning Faculty Member is granted.

Assignment 1: Social Autobiography10%
Assignment 2: Statement of Research Interest and Research Question(s)5%
Assignment 3: Ensuring Ethical Research10%
Assignment 4: Literature Critique10%
Assignment 5: Literature Review20%
Quiz: Modules 8 to 1110%
Final Project: Research Proposal *20%
Online Discussions15%


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About this course: This MOOC is about demystifying research and research methods. It will outline the fundamentals of doing research, aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at the postgraduate level. It places the student experience at the centre of our endeavours by engaging learners in a range of robust and challenging discussions and exercises befitting SOAS, University of London's status as a research-intensive university and its rich research heritage. The course will appeal to those of you who require an understanding of research approaches and skills, and importantly an ability to deploy them in your studies or in your professional lives. In particular, this course will aid those of you who have to conduct research as part of your postgraduate studies but do not perhaps have access to research methods courses, or for those of you who feel you would like additional support for self-improvement. No prior knowledge or experience in research is required to take this course and as such, the course is for everyone. This MOOC draws on a wealth of existing course material developed to support research training across SOAS, University of London and particularly drawing from the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD). In 2015, the course was nominated for the prestigious Guardian University Award for its innovative approach to online learning. Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes

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