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As Father’s Day approaches, sending a card or calling my father seems inadequate given all he has done for me over my lifetime. So I’m writing this blog post to more adequately express my thoughts.

My father was born and raised in a farming family who had to move farms on several occasions due to poor crops, bad weather and the Great Depression. He worked his way through his university studies and Bachelor’s degree. He fought in World War II as a co-pilot in a B-17 bomber. On his fourth mission over Germany, his plane was shot down and within a few days, he found himself in Stalag-Luft 1, a German prisoner of war camp, near Barth.

Dad was a POW from mid-September to mid-May,  suffering months of brutally cold weather in northern Germany. The POWs survived on a very limited diet, no heat and overly crowded barracks. I write this to let you know that he didn’t have it easy, yet what is most impressive is that my father never complains. Perhaps because of his upbringing and his POW experience, he realizes that things could be worse and that complaining doesn’t usually help.

I am so very grateful to have my father as my Hero. A father that taught me by example how to live a full life, to be happy and grateful. A father who taught me to work hard and not complain.

Thank you and Happy Father’s Day! p.s. He was also a great family historian

As a Michigan native, I am no stranger to the dangers of the winter time. There are a few ways Michigan will "grace" us. 1. There will be virtually no snow ever. 2. She will have a few snow storms, but they'll melt as quickly as they came. 3. She will hit us with a vengeance no one has ever known.

I realize that as we end the Winter season, Michigan will continue to either show her ass or clear up, so in lieu of that, it's important to structure the initial Michigan Way - Winter Side. So far, Michigan has been pretty kind to us this season as she's snowed, but not in access enough for it to deeply cause issues with our day-to-day living. However, here's a list of the 10 reasons why I (and probably you as well) am over Michigan's Snowpocalypse.

1. Snow Is Everywhere

When it's cold and it's snowing in buckets, it's hard to avoid either stepping in it or throwing the occasional ball at your favorite person. You either love the snow or you don't. There's no middle ground here.

2. Maybe Road Plowing

Depending on how much snow accumulates throughout the course of a single day, you may or may not see the snowplows out on the road. I know that sometimes (more often not) they don't plow subdivisions (which I totally live in), making it incredibly difficult to drive to work - can you say hella stuck?

3. Crappy Driving Conditions

Let me be real here, unless you drive an SUV, it's going to be hard as hell to maneuver your car in the snow. They're not built for it (it's 2018, you'd think they would have perfected this by now). And that's just the snow. If you by some chance hit ice and just keep going... I am so sorry, stay safe out there.

4. Crappy Drivers

I have some serious rage when it comes to driving in the winter. If a tiny bit of snow falls, people start to slow down and act like their car is going to go into the non-existent ditches (I live in the city... we have ditches on random dirt roads and essentially expressways/highways). MOVE YOUR ASS! Then of course when there are ridiculous and unbearable driving conditions, people are speeding around you, honking because you don't want to die that day... what could be worse right? Please, PLEASE understand and be aware of the limitations of yourself and your vehicle. Don't overdo it... or you will end up upside-down. Nobody wants that.


I enjoy it when there's a breeze, hell, most people do. I, however, do NOT like the cold. I am talking about the bone-chilling, faze freezing, hair crunching cold. I am referring to the need for heated steering wheels and automatic car starters to hopefully dissipate some of the snow that's built up and undoubtedly froze to our windshield. Once you're cold... it's hard as hell to warm up.

6. Packed Stores

The stores are jammed with people. They can be there to buy warmer clothes, stock up on cupboard foods, or for some reason they just can't bear the idea of going home where it may or may not have heat. Either way, the stores are often crowded, so decide wisely... is the store worth it?

7. There are Assholes Everywhere

What is it about snow that turns everyone into an asshole? Pardon my language here, there wasn't a kinder way to put this. Everyone thinks they're entitled to go whatever speed they want or go wherever they please without affecting those around them. More or less, "I want it now, so I will have it."

8. Seasonal Panic

Ever meet that family that has enough food stored in their homes for eight winters? How about the girl who keeps blankets and provisions in their trunk "just in case" (by the way... that is me... I am that girl for real.)? Even though Michigan has not proven herself to be a snowy tundra, people still anticipate that she might, as if stocking up makes it better. Go stand in the corner SUSAN.

9. Flu Season/Colds

As many of you know, the Flu was in full swing this season - killing dozens of individuals. Winter is the prime candidate for germs and these types of colds as the seasons variate so quickly. Summer turns to Autumn, but suddenly it's Winter and there's no turning back. Kids spread their germs like wildfire, people go to work sick because they can't take a day off, and college kids are only functioning at 1/2% so they're doomed. Be careful, be safe, make sure you're taking care of your body, and by LAWDS go to the damn doctor if it gets bad enough where DayQuil doesn't work.

10. Lack Of Patience

I am 100% at fault for this. There's a tiny blanket of snow on the ground - so fluffy it's barely sticking and Gino is in front of you driving 20 miles under the damn speed limit! DRIVE FASTER GINO! If the weather is truly horrible, absolutely adhere to what needs to happen in order to be safe, but by GAWDS you have probably lived here for a good portion of time if not all of your life. WINTER HAPPENS EVERY YEAR, SO DRIVE!

As I said - winter is coming to a close. I say farewell, adios, until you haunt my nights again. Don't worry Michigan, we will start bitching about it being too hot soon enough.

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