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Team #3-4 Monica Sabharwal, Chris Vasquez, Aaron Solano, Rick Ongaro, & Mohamed Osman Saturday, December 16, 2006 Introduction This final report presents the deliverables of Team Three and Team Four’s implementation of the an employee self-service system. This report also outlines a proposal of the procedures and schedule followed during this project. This document will be utilized to implement Phase Two of A-1 Systems Corporation’s computer systems modernization plan. See the approved statement of work beginning on page X. Project Scope This is Phase One of the A-1 Systems Corporation computer systems modernization project. The A-1 Employee Self-Service System (ESSS) project will reengineer all systems related to Human Resources, specifically employee information and departmental details, and modify relationship and interface with the time and attendance, labor, and payroll systems. In order to develop the Employee Self-Service System, a system that will house the repository of employee master data and streamline the interfaces between human resources and employees, this system will provide the capability for each employee to maintain his or her own personal information, such as home address and office telephone numbers, emergency contact information, payroll system deduction options, and savings bond purchases. In addition this solution will provide the means to host an online version of the employee directory and alleviate the problems of out of date information and its associated expense. The human resources department and staff will be the primary user of the new system. Problems and Opportunities

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